Schoolgirl fucked by older guy

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All Comments (5)
  • stindesotodip wrote 2658 days ago
    And it's not just Japanese hotties who dress up as slutty school girls!
  • mariowo wrote 2658 days ago
    Ahh... every man's fantasy. A real classic, fucking a chick in her school uniform.
  • arianti wrote 2677 days ago
    I feel like fucking a school girl was more social socially acceptable back then.
  • assormaslenna wrote 2677 days ago
    grainy but I guess that adds to it.
  • byczychlop wrote 2677 days ago
    nice and young, not a day over 19. She DOES not look like she wanna be there.


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Jan 19, 2017 12:31:20 PM

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